💁 Hack the Algorithm 🤖

💁 Hack the Algorithm 🤖

Learn How to Hack the Facebook Algorithm

Welcome to Hack the Algorithm!

While this series will primarily focus on Facebook, the principles apply to all social media platforms and you will be able to apply what you learn to all social media posts.

At last count, there were over 100,000 combinations of factors that could affect how your posts show up. This is why we are going to focus instead on the core principles that drive the algorithm that all these combinations flow from.

This Adventure Social Course will be released as one lesson every 3 days.

Hack the Algorithm Course Outline:

Lesson 01: Affinity (Closeness of the Relationship)

Lesson 02: Weight (Impact of Post)

Lesson 03: Decay (Timing of the Post)

Lesson 04: Quality of Content

Lesson 05: Consistency of Content

Lesson 06: Using NEW & Unique Features + the FUTURE!

Lesson 07: Behaviors that Will Penalize You (& could even land you in FB Jail or Probation)

Lesson 08: Tips to Foster Engagement

Lesson 09: Telling a Story with your posts.

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John-Erik 🚀
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